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Graffiti & Gum Removal Services In Lancashire

Standard graffiti and chewing gum removal methods have changed dramatically in recent years.  High pressure water and abrasives have been replaced by sophisticated chemicals enabling a much gentler approach, focused on protecting the underlying surface.

All Our chemicals are:

  • Highly effective on all common paints & inks
  • Fast acting and powerful
  • Fully biodegradable & eco-friendly
  • Safe for run-off to enter drains

Our staff have undergone specialist training for the removal of graffiti, and we use the latest equipment to make sure we get the best possible results.

  • Testimonials

    I found the company very flexible and able to work around production hours, all jobs were completed to a very good standard.

    Paul Stead,
    Abattoir pressure washing and graffiti removal

  • Testimonials

    T. Perry always goes out of their way, nothing is never too much bother. I would recommend them

    Glenys Lord,
    University window cleaning and industrial carpet cleaning.

  • Testimonials

    An excellent contractor well recommended

    Ian Barker,
    College window cleaning

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