Cleaning Solar Panels Regularly Can Save You Money!

We clean solar installations of all types and sizes

We have solutions for cleaning anything, from the small installation on the roof of your home up to the megawatt commercial installations that are being built across the county, and our clients have reported increases in production of up to 30% after cleaning!

Using the same pure water cleaning equipment and methods that we use for cleaning windows, we can reach the majority of panels easily without needing access equipment.  We are also trained & licensed by IPAF to use lifts & cherry pickers if these are needed for your project.

We provide risk assessments and method statements for all projects that we undertake and all our cleaners are fully trained to provide a professional service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

Standard domestic installations can often be cleaned in under 30 minutes.  If you have a large installation, or the panels are very dirty, it may take longer.

How much does it cost?

Cost depends a lot on the size of your installation, height & ease of access to reach the panels, and how dirty the panels are.  For regular cleaning (Twice a year) on an average home prices start at £4 per panel.

Why don't you use a pressure washer?

Solar panels might be built to withstand our weather but they are not indestructible and pressure washing will almost certainly cause damage.  We use much gentler cleaning methods which effectively, but safely, remove the dirt & grime!

How often should my panels be cleaned?

Cleaning panels shouldn’t cost you money, it should save you money by increasing the efficiency of the panels.  Industry reports show that cleaning twice a year is often best practice, although in areas where dust or traffic grime is especially bad, more regular cleaning may be beneficial.

Why Choose Us

We are proud of our company’s good reputation – but that reputation is built on more than just a nice smile. Here are just a few reasons you should choose us:

  • We are reliable – we won’t let you down.
  • We are experienced – we know our job inside and out.
  • We are insured – for our peace of mind as well as yours.
  • We are local – you know exactly who you’re dealing with.
  • We are friendly – offering a service with a smile.
  • We are trusted – by hundreds of people in your area
  • Testimonials

    I found the company very flexible and able to work around production hours, all jobs were completed to a very good standard.

    Paul Stead,
    Abattoir pressure washing and graffiti removal

  • Testimonials

    T. Perry always goes out of their way, nothing is never too much bother. I would recommend them

    Glenys Lord,
    University window cleaning and industrial carpet cleaning.

  • Testimonials

    An excellent contractor well recommended

    Ian Barker,
    College window cleaning

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